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How is your Soul?

 If we are honest with one another, most of us are walking around with a battered and bruised soul.  

Maybe life has put you through the wringer this last year. Externally you are trying to hold it together, but internally you are dying. 

Maybe your sin and proclivities, the things no one else knows, because you are good at controlling them externally, is suffocating you internally.  

Maybe you have been chasing after everything under the sun to feed your external needs and wants, but the internal you is incredibly malnourished and starving.  

Maybe there are skeletons and ghosts from the past that externally you are trying to keep from rearing their ugly heads, but they are tormenting your soul.  

Maybe you are getting older, and all the things you thought mattered don't, and

now your soul aches.

Maybe you are becoming more aware of your fragility, causing you to ask the deep life-breathing soul questions.   


This talk series will underpin our need to get beneath the surface to our soul level to begin the healing to be healthy internally. Please know that Jesus is a safe place for your bruised and battered soul!

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How's Your Soul?  by Judah Smith

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