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Discipleship is a little like prayer. All believers know that it is an essential command from Christ, pertinent to our walk, and critical for the walk of others. Yet, we would all probably admit we are not as good as we would like to be at making disciples.  

I do not think we necessarily understand the "how" behind discipleship, and when we do not know the "how" we tend to leave it in the hands of the professionals, pastors, or to those who are naturally wired this way.  

Discipleship making or Making disciples who make Disciples are ubiquitous phrases. Meaning you have probably heard those statements everywhere in the church. However, making disciples seems to be ambiguous, meaning there are several interpretations of how discipleship should unfold.  


Is it done organically, or does it need to be organized? 

Is it a commission or a command? 

Is it only for the extroverts, or can introverts do it too? 



Hopefully, during this series, we will be able to answer these questions and give us a clear and concise vision for discipleship and a mission to employ discipleship.  

For You and Our Joy: Discipleship

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