Hey, Encounter Friends! 


We are so excited that the church is opening back up this Thursday! We can’t wait to see each of you & serve alongside you. 


Scott & I are pumped to lead this team as we fully believe this is the ministry that has the amazing opportunity to make guests feel welcomed, be the hands & feet of Jesus & encourage all guests to fully engage upon entering CL’s doors. Thanks for having us! Let’s get started! 


You are receiving this notification because you’re already on the Encounter Team list.  If, for some reason, you are not ready to return to church this week because you are still unsure due to the coronavirus, please know we understand and respect your decision to stay home until you feel fully comfortable and safe to do so. If you’d like to remain on the list to serve in this capacity, we will keep you on the list.  We just ask that you let us know when you’re ready to resume serving. Those of you who are ready to return, please let us know so we can add you to the rotation now. 


Now, because we will be making the transition into having two church services (Thursdays at 7:20PM & Sundays at 10:20AM) we will need volunteers to serve on each of these days. In the beginning, we will only need 3 volunteers as we will not be at full capacity either day & will not be offering childcare. We will only need someone at the main entrance, the door to the auditorium & the Encounter desk. Of course, later on, that will change and the need for volunteers will be greater. 


This Thursday (5/21), Dick & Deb Garling & Scott are planning to serve in those 3 roles.  And Sunday (5/24), we will need 3 more to serve.  Scott, Amy & Gabby are more than happy to serve unless anyone is anxious to get going.  Please let us know this week!

One final note, once we get back into a groove and more & more people start returning, we plan to have a training meeting.  This meeting will serve a few purposes: 

1. We’d like to get reacquainted with all of 


2. Remind everyone of the mission of the 

Encounter Team

3. Discuss the protocol for serving, schedule,


Again, we are super pumped to be headed back to church. Life is better when living in community. Let’s be the church! 

Scott & Amy Cordial