What we value

What We Value

We value the opportunity to get to know you and your family better. Our goal at CrossLink is to be real, relevant, and relational while we reach out to our community and world in order to make a difference. CrossLink is a place where you’ll belong, where you’ll never be judged and will continually be encouraged through friendships, worship, teaching and opportunities to serve others. You’ll find us to be down to earth, authentic and eager to connect with you. Simply put, we value people and their families over programs and production.

At CrossLink we believe that church is not only about the weekends. We are intentional to “BE” the church 24/7 through Discipleship, Outreach, and Experience Groups. We exist to help ourselves and others EXPERIENCE the LOVE of Christ through natural human interactions, relationships, and growth.

We encourage you to visit us and if you find the CrossLink is not the right church for you, we would love to help you connect with one that is!

CrossLink is a Bible believing, teaching church.



Our CrossLink line of excellence (not necessarily perfection)

We will pray in all situations for all kinds of things.
We will allow Gods Word to guide our lives.
We will live in obedience inviting Gods favor in our lives and those around us.
We will avoid sin since we know it impacts more than just us.
We will transform the world around us by using what God has entrusted to us (Time, Talent, & Treasure).

We are not just a church on the weekends, but rather 24/7.
We value time with others digging into Gods Word.
We help each other and the community around us.
We don’t quarrel but rather love each other.

We strive for excellence in all we do, never letting mediocrity rule us.
We live and act like Christ like leaders.
We serve rather than being served.
We positively influence through our words and actions.

We are located at 4747 Harrisburg Pike, Grove City, Ohio 43123

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