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Heart broken
Submitted By:Doug ott
Prayer Request:Hi my name is doug ott jr less noris Jr is my cousin. Iv felt very suicidal I cry constant my girlfriend of 4 years won't talk to me or listen to my pleads she means the world to me she has paranoia and thinks things that never happend so she refuses to talk to me. She is my soal mate I can't see going on without her. I can barely function its a fight to make my self eat all I think about is her. I'm so lost and confused. I don't see how this is in gods will or why this is happening to me. Every thing happens for a reason right? I don't know were to turn or what to do all I know is its next to impossible to function without her. She was my rock. I know he is supose to b but I can't help how I feel and I feel I dont want to live feeling like this. I keep asking god to talk to me to give me an answere what should I do but all I ever get is the thought of your church and it don't make sense. But of course I use to go there if you know who my cousin is.
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