Life Groups

Like most churches, we’ll tell you the weekend is important for us.  It’s when we meet corporately to study, worship, pray, give, serve, and encourage each other to keep growing.  But the weekends are not everything.  In fact, there are some things you can’t do on Saturdays or Sundays in the context of meeting together as a large group.  Sometimes you need more time – to catch up with an old friend, to get to know a new one.  Sometimes you need a quiet place – to reflect, to listen, to ask hard questions.  And sometimes you need to lock arms with close friends, to remember that being in community is not about warming a seat on the weekend, but about doing life with people you care about, with people who are heading the same direction as you.

This is why our Life Groups are just as important as our weekends.  CrossLink’s Life Groups give you the opportunity to do the things the weekends don’t allow for.  One group may lounge in someone’s living room for small group prayer or Bible study.  Another group may meet at a local coffee shop to swap stories about parenting strategies.  Another may be busy doing with their hands, serving neighbors or local charities.  And another may meet up on the golf course or at the shooting range, simply for conversation and recreation.  Whatever the case, our Life Groups are about just that – doing life, together.