Disciple U


Discipleship U is the beginning of your spiritual journey in becoming a disciple...

Jesus said in the Great Commission to, “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19).

The mission field is just past the threshold of the doors of our homes. Discipleship 101 is the first of four sessions in becoming, understanding, and realizing the importance and call on all of our lives to be a disciple in our world today. The title of this session is: Know God. We will meet once a week for five consecutive weeks. The first week we discuss not what God is but WHO God is. The second week we discuss and begin to experience what it is to be in HIS presence in prayer, contemplative (listening prayer), and fasting and worship. The third week, we begin to realize the truth that the Kingdom is all around us and begin to experience it in our daily lives. The fourth week of the session, we will discuss the commandments of Jesus and how they apply to the disciple. Finally, the 5th week brings all of the previous weeks together into one spiritual experience with Him.

After the completion of Discipleship 101, you can directly move on to Discipleship 102 called – Know Yourself, then to Discipleship 103 called – Know the Cost, and the final session – Discipleship 104 – called Know your Call.

Becoming and embracing the call to be a disciple is a journey where you go deeper in Knowing God, Yourself, The Cost, and Your Call.

Dicipleship U – 101 – Know God
Week 1 – Introducing God
Week 2 – Seeking His presence and listening to his voice
Week 3 – Living and seeing the Kingdom reality/dynamic
Week 4 – The commandments of Jesus
Week 5 – Connect weeks 1-4 together

Dicipleship U 102 – Know Yourself
Week 1 – Your are beautifully and wonderfully made
Week 2 – Your specifically given and uninque personality (inlcuded pesonalit test) – gifts, talents and abilities
Week 3 – Your Spiritual Gifts from Him (includes spiritual gift testing)
Week 4 – The Fusion of the natual and spiritual giftings
Week 5 – The REAL YOU by His design

DU 103 – Know The Cost
Week 1 – establishing cost, and value – Building on sand
Week 2 – The world – saying good bye to the secular (old life, life style, friends, groups)
Week 3 – Denying yourself and taking up your cross
Week 4 – Pride vs humility
Week 5 – Spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6:12)