Our mission statement drives who we are and what we do. It motivates us in our programming and inspires us as we pray and seeks God’s will! Our mission is:

“To graduate and develop mature, responsible, and independent disciples of Jesus Christ so they continue their faith wherever they go.”

Our MISSION is carried out by our VISION (UR6ENCY). Everything we do at CLS reflects this statement and works toward this goal. Our VISION, or ministry paradigm, is multi-faceted and may have its own identity, but it still all works toward our common goal (the CLS MISSION above). We believe in our VISION and we believe if a student commits to this ministry, then God will save them from their sins and they can begin their journey to becoming a mature, responsible, and independent disciple of Jesus Christ so they continue their faith wherever they go.

Summer Concert Series

Summer is busy! We get it! With summer ball, family vacations, and weekend getaways, doesn’t it feel like summer has more going on than the school year?

Here at CLStudents we get it! That’s why we’ve developed CLS Summer Concert Series! CLS Summer Concert Series is designed to create events and moments where students bring their friends to church. It takes into account summer camp schedules, mission trips, and everything else going on in the life of the church!

Every month, we host 2 COMPLETELY FREE CONCERTS for the public. There is no cover charge and again, we want students to get excited about the shows and invite their friends!

Our inaugural line-up includes indie Christian hip-hop artists, a Grammy Nominated artist, and one certain former employed Student Pastor at CrossLink, to name a few!

You’re not gonna’ want to miss these shows!

For more information please email Pastor Chase at: or tweet him at @thechasesmith