Crosslink Community Church partners with Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church, to provide a meal and of time of ministry the fourth Sunday of every other month.

To contribute to the meal or to volunteer for 2015, check the dates below:

  • May 23
  • July 11: Donations Needed – bologna, chicken (either canned or frozen breasts), pickle relish, miracle whip, 1 large can baked beans (GFS has them for $5.79 a can), individually wrapped cheese slices, ice cream, syrup for sundaes, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, 8 dozen homemade cookies
  • September 26
  • November 21

In addition to a time of meal and ministry, HM3 provides a personal items pantry to those in need. Those items include:

  • Toiletries of any type (shampoo, conditioner, lotions, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry detergent (powder only)
  • Medicine Cabinet items, such as ibuprofen, band-aids
  • Paper Products

For the Homeless, HM3 provides:

  • Hand Warmers
  • Blankets
  • Coats, Hats, Mittens
  • Candles
  • 1 LB Propane Cylinders
  • .
Current needs (April 2015)
deodorant (men’s and women’s)
shave cream
wash cloths
blankets (our friends are in need of these even in the summer months)
laundry soap (powdered is great…it is easier to repackage)
sunscreen (the lotion type so we can repackage and meet more needs)
toilet paper

Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church is located at 2930 West Broad St., Columbus, OH 43204-2648

For more details, to volunteer and/or donate, please contact Trudy Colsten at