Frontpage Welcome Message

I want to say thanks so much for stopping by the webpage or visiting CL in this online capacity, please look around and check us out.  I believe you will find us to be very focused, on “being” the church in a real, relevant, and relational way.  We believe that we are better together, and the local church is meant to be more than a worship service once a week.  We are here to serve, encourage, and inspire one another weekly.

There are several things that go on throughout the week on and off the CrossLink campus. These activities are designed to help people connect with others in a real way, find a place to belong, encourage, and empower one another.   We understand that life is perplexing at times, and the daily grind can be tough, especially if we are doing life alone.  We believe the local church is meant to be a true community and we want you to know that “people” are the most important part of CrossLink. In addition to the high priority, we place on serving people, I assure you we are committed to preaching the bible, we want to honor God and always be found guilty of being a biblical church.  We are committed to honoring God and others by carefully and prayerfully preaching and teaching the bible with a non compromising resolve.

It would be a complete honor to meet you and your family in person, please make sure that when you visit the CL to stop and say hi!  I am committed to being accessible and available as the lead Pastor of CrossLink, therefore people are the best and most important part of my calling as a pastor.  I hope to have the privilege of meeting you soon.

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